Kevin Hart’s Ex Torrei Hart Gets Candid About Their Split And Where The Two Stand Now

It seems as though divorce is something that happens quite frequently in the entertainment world. Although we have our favorite celebrity couples that we’re internally fighting for, there are a number of Hollywood lovers that don’t stay together until the end. Kevin Hart seems to be a happily married A-Lister and dedicated family man, but he has also experienced the dissolution of a marriage. The Borderlands star was previously married to Torrei Hart, who recently got candid about their split and where the two of them now stand as they co-parent the two children they share.

Divorce is hard no matter what the circumstances, but having a divorce that involves children aired publicly for all to witness must be even more draining. Torrei Hart, who has retained her husband’s name, opened up about going through their split while the comedic actor was entering what was at the time the peak of his career. During her interview on The Real, she said on the shift in family dynamics:

There were times I was like, ‘God, I don’t want to be here anymore.’ Because the divorce was very public, and I also had to watch him move on with another woman, and a whole other family. And then seeing my children in pictures with a new family. Most people when they go through divorce, they don’t have to see it in their face every day. And this is when Kevin was at the height of his career. So imagine I’m seeing it on the TV, I’m seeing it on movies, I’m seeing it play out on the internet.

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