Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan Have Used A Sweet Secret Code To Keep In Touch After Freaky Friday

It seems to be pretty normal for co-stars to bond while they’re waiting around on a movie set. But it’s probably a little harder for that bonding to happen when one actor is a teenager and the other is a Hollywood icon with several decades of acting experience under her belt. Despite those odds, though, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan were able to connect in one unforgettable way when they filmed Freaky Friday together — so much so that they use a secret code they developed on set to keep in touch even today. 

If you were coming of age in 2003, there’s a good chance the remake of Disney’s classic body swap comedy Freaky Friday was a staple in your pop culture experience. The two stars delivered outstanding performances as a mother and daughter who get a chance to walk in each other’s shoes, to both disastrous and miraculous results. 

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