Jake Gyllenhaal Is Teaming Up With Extraction Director For A New Comic Book Movie

In 2019, Jake Gyllenhaal played Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home., who became one of the best MCU villains in recent years. Thanks to the character’s evil plot, a multiverse of madness may even open up in the next Spidey installment. Looking ahead, Gyllenhaal has just signed on to be part of another comic book movie, this time based on Rob Liefeld’s John Prophet, who has graced issues of Image Comics since the early ‘90s, but has yet to be seen in a movie. 

Jake Gyllenhaal will play John Prophet in an upcoming movie titled Prophet with Extraction director Sam Hargrave helming, per The Hollywood Reporter. Rob Liefeld, who is best known for co-creating Marvel’s Deadpool, is also the comic book author behind Prophet, a man who volunteers for a German experiment near the end of World War II to feed his family, and in turn obtains superhuman strength. 

John Prophet sounds like a cross between Wolverine and Captain America considering he wakes up decades in the future, thanks to his superhuman powers, to find that the world has moved on past World War II, his daughter has grown up and KGB agents are after him to create super soldiers from his blood. This feels like a major role for Jake Gyllenhaal that will also introduce an underrated comic book character to the forefront. 

Prophet comic book cover, movie adaptation being made with Jake Gyllenhaal as John Prophet

(Image credit: Image Comics)

Prophet’s director Sam Hargrave was memorably a longtime stunt coordinator for the MCU films including Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Last year, Hargrave debuted as an action film director for Netflix’s Extraction, which starred Chris Hemsworth and was produced by the Russo Brothers. The movie became one of the most viewed Netflix original films ever, and Hargrave is currently getting ready to film the sequel

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