Emily Blunt Praises Dwayne Johnson Behind The Scenes Of Jungle Cruise

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson are the dynamic duo we never knew we needed in Disney’s Jungle Cruise. The film, which is inspired by the Disneyland attraction, follows Dr. Lily Houghton (Blunt) and skipper Frank Wolff (Johnson) on a rollicking ride down the Amazon. The on-screen chemistry between these two actors is explosive in more ways than one, and Blunt has given fans an inside look at their partnership in a new behind-the-scenes clip. 

If you thought Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt were an odd pairing when first hearing of Jungle Cruise, you are not alone. But watching Jungle Cruise, every step their characters take together feels natural. They’re absolutely brilliant together. Blunt confesses that she and Johnson are in some ways the antithesis of one another and she can see how they are thought to be an odd pairing, but they are one that works. Watch what she has to say in the clip below.

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