Elias talks about Bray Wyatt

One of the most sensational releases of 2021 for the WWE of McMahon was certainly the one linked to Bray Wyatt, former Universal champion of the company, who only a few months ago had been sent home permanently by the management of the WWE, for a now irremediable break with the top floors of the federation.

After seeing the birth of a great new character envied by many rival companies, let’s talk about the Fiend, who was also a flagship character of the WWE, especially in terms of the athlete’s ability to call more fans not dedicated to pro-wrestling.

compared to any other character following the exploits of the WWE Superstars, unfortunately, we had to resign ourselves to the fact that Wyatt had to leave the McMahon-owned federation. By now we are just waiting for the non-competition clause with WWE to end, so that we can understand where the former Universal Champion will go to work, as soon as he can.

Meanwhile, speaking of another wrestler, it has been a while since Elias last wrestled on WWE TV. The guitar-wielding star lost a “Symphony Of Destruction” match to Jaxson Ryker on the July 19, 2021 episode of RAW.

Elias opens un Bray Wyatt

In his latest interview, WWE Drifter Elias, who hasn’t been seen in the Stamford-based company’s rings for a long time, praised his former colleague’s great skills, saying that wherever he goes, he’ll still be a big hit, thanks to his skill and his skills.

Speaking to Brandon Kravitz, Elias said: “You know, every time you have to part the way with a friend, many times it’s because they chose that road, other times not, they don’t even see it coming. It’s just a sad part of this whole story.

Bray Wyatt is a great guy and I’m absolutely certain he was born for it, his mind is set up for wrestling – he’s amazing and I think everyone thinks that Fiend and Bray Wyatt are great characters, which made me feel great.

a little upset, but I don’t know on a personal level how it went. You know, it was a crazy time for the wrestling world and I’m sure Bray Wyatt, wherever he takes his mind, will be a huge hit.” Bray Wyatt was one of the most popular stars amongst and continues to enjoy the love and appreciation from wrestling fans worldwide.

Hence, it is no secret that promotions want to get hold of him to boost their popularity instantly. There has been speculation of top companies like IMPACT Wrestling and AEW wanting to sign him. Tony Khan recently opened up in an interview with The New York Post that although he hasn’t spoken to Bray Wyatt yet, he is willing to open talks with the former Universal Champion at the right time.

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