Dune Presales Are ‘Squashing’ Both Marvel And James Bond Ahead Of Opening Weekend

Dune is, without question, one of the most popular science fiction novels ever written. That being said, it’s been a big open question as to whether or not the upcoming film adaptation was really going to blow away the box office. But based on early ticket sales, it looks like this weekend could be huge, as Dune’s pre-sales are apparently out-pacing most other recent blockbusters, including both recent Marvel movies and James Bond.

Theatrical exhibitors, though not Fandango, are reporting that domestic ticket pre-sales for Dune are “squashing” the presales of the other major blockbuster films we’ve seen this year like Black Widow, F9, and No Time to Die, according to Deadline. While pre-sales are not able to completely predict a movie’s opening weekend success or its long term viability, it’s certainly good news in its own right. 

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