Dune Made A Ton Of Money On Opening Night, So Bring On The Sequel | Cinemablend

Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic Dune is finally here and is already leaving its mark on the box office. There was worry that the film being released to watch on HBO Max at the same time it premieres in theaters would affect its box office performance and its prospects for a sequel, but things are looking very positive on both fronts. The pre-sales for Dune outperformed Marvel and James Bond ahead of its opening weekend and has reportedly done very well on its opening night. Dune made a ton of money on Thursday night, so bring on the sequel. 

Deadline reports that Dune made a little over $5 million from its Thursday showtimes with projections that indicate a huge opening weekend. The opening night showtimes outperformed Halloween Kills opening night numbers, and that’s an encouraging sign as Halloween Kills went on to make over $50 million. The new Halloween movies performance is also a good sign as it also premiered on a streaming service for free to subscribers in the same way Dune was released on HBO Max. 

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