Bray Wyatt will use his real name outside of WWE

The most sensational and unexpected release that arrived in this quite unusual 2021 for the pro-wrestling world, especially due to the world pandemic, was that of Bray Wyatt, former leader of the Wyatt Family, as well as former WWE and Universal world champion.

After creating a unique and unrepeatable character, namely the Fiend, an evil demonic character with supernatural powers, including being able to return to life after being literally burned alive, Bray Wyatt entered on a collision course with the management of the Stamford company, which little by little he ousted him more and more from the plans that count of the federation cards, eventually coming to release him, after having done so with other big names such as those of Braun Strowman, Lana and Aleister Black.

After being fired, Bray Wyatt ended up in a silent and dark corner of the pro-wrestling world, waiting for his non-compete clause with WWE to end, to be able to land on the scenes of another big world company, where he’s hoping to show his potential again.

The latest news on Bray Wyatt

As confirmed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it seems that Dave Meltzer is certain how Bray Wyatt will obviously abandon the stage name created for him by WWE, to use his real name instead, to fight in the future in any other independent American company.

. According to the well-known journalist, Bray will return to be simply called Windham, with his real name which is in fact, Windham Rotunda. Also, in one of his latest newsletters, while talking about Wyatt’s possible rapprochement with AEW, Meltzer said: “Tony Khan did some interviews in which he talked about Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt, who from now on wants to use the name Windham in the rings).

Tony said he has never spoken to him personally (Wyatt ed) but would be very interested in doing so. From a legal point of view, it will be necessary to avoid finding agreements within the 90 days of non-competition with the WWE, so we will have to wait for this clause to end, which the AEW intends to do, because in wrestling these things are very important and not.

are never violated.” Ever since Vince McMahon’s promotion showed the exit door to the fan-favorite star, fans have been eagerly waiting to learn about Bray Wyatt’s next potential wrestling destination. The man, formerly known as The Fiend, has been posting cryptic tweets, possibly hinting at a new persona whenever he makes his pro wrestling return.

His 90-day non-compete clause will be over by the end of this month. The moment the said protocol ends, wrestling promotions will surely offer him a lucrative deal.

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