Billie Lourd On The Lessons She Learned From Carrie Fisher (Good And Bad) As She Embarks On Her Own Journey As A Parent

Billie Lourd is basically third generation Hollywood royalty. Her grandmother was Debbie Reynolds and her mother was Carrie Fisher. Growing up had to be a truly unique experience being raised by Carrie Fisher, and Lourd, who is now raising a child of her own, admits that she learned a lot growing up as the daughter of Carrie Fisher, though not all of it was good.

Carrie Fisher was fairly open and honest about her life, even writing about her struggles with substance abuse in books. But that doesn’t mean that growing up as Carrie Fisher’s daughter was all bad. Speaking with the New Day Podcast, Billie Lourd says that above all, she learned from her mom to look at life with a sense of humor. Lourd explains…

The most amazing thing my mom did was provide me with the greatest sense of humor. Not to toot my own horn that I have the greatest sense of humor, but she had the greatest sense of humor. We laughed every single day. She made my life so much fun. And she was so spontaneous. She used to say, ‘If life isn’t funny then it’s just true and that’s unacceptable.’ That’s something I try to live by. My therapist says it’s not really great, it’s like an alcoholic’s excuse for like doing bad things, but it does apply in a positive way in a lot of realms of life. It also can be used as an excuse.

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