Becky Lynch insists against social media

One of the most popular female characters of recent years and most acclaimed by critics and audiences, is definitely Becky Lynch, current champion of Friday Night Smackdown, who next Thursday will be called upon to defend her title from the assault of Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks, at Crown Jewel.

After more than a year of absence due to her first pregnancy, Becky Lynch made her surprise return to Summerslam, where she immediately returned to reign on the roster, but this time on the side of Smackdown and not Raw, from which she was absent over a year earlier.

In the last period, however, The Man, in addition to thanking the fans for their warmth, has also started a war against social media, especially due to the great malice that circulates online, by some fans and professionals, who vent online against others, not understanding how much harm they can bring.

Backstage news on Becky Lynch

In her latest speech to the microphones of Out of Character, Becky Lynch wanted to increase the dose against social media, stating: “When I turned into The Man, it was just, ‘Well, let me put all the character stuff (on social media).’ It worked.

When I was tweeting, it was always to drive the story and elevate myself as a performer and as a character. Once you get to the top, you’re kind of, for lack of a better term; punching down. That’s not as fun to watch.

Nobody wants to see the top guy being an asshole to the guy beneath them unless you are a heel, which I am now, I suppose. Much to the love of everyone.” WWE posted a tweet regarding this promo, and Becky Lynch replied with a photo.

The photo was from a 2019 episode of SmackDown, which featured her and Edge in the same ring. It seemingly signified that The Man is ready to confront the Rated R Superstar anytime he wants. We may see an update on this story in the next episode of SmackDown.

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