After Working On His Dad Bod, Will Smith Shares His New Workout Routine And Dang

Will Smith is no longer playing around. Back in May Will Smith revealed to the world that he, like a lot of us, and sort of let himself go during the global pandemic. He’d gone full “dad bod” and was not looking like his action hero self that we all tend to see. He actually called it the worst shape of his life. But in revealing that look, it was actually the beginning of his process to change it, and man, is he working hard. And you can see for yourself thanks to a new video.

Yesterday, Will Smith dropped a video on Instagram showing what his normal Sunday is now like. He used to eat muffins. Now, he’s hitting the gym, and he’s not exactly spending 15 minutes on a treadmill. Will Smith is doing some serious work and is, at 53-years-old, getting into the best shape of his life.  

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