Daniel Garcia signs a full-time contract with AEW

After the numerous acquisitions made by AEW, with names of certain importance and the caliber of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, the company has also signed in recent days some important young talents, albeit not as famous as the names previously mentioned.

Last week, AEW president Tony Khan announced that Lee Moriarty has signed a full-time contract with the federation. A few days ago Daniel Garcia instead, according to insiders, would have “signed” with the AEW during a recent episode of the Evil One vlog.

While Fightful Select a few days ago reported that Garcia has a full-time contract with All Elite Wrestling, it is unclear when exactly he signed the deal. Tony Khan announced the news with a statement on Twitter: “This year Daniel Garcia arrived in AEW with a great reputation that has built up through hard work in independent federations.

Here he continued to work hard and in addition, he never shied away from anyone, not even the best in the world. Thank you and welcome to the team now, Daniel Garcia!” Garcia broke into the pro wrestling world in 2017 and started fighting for different federations before arriving at AEW in August, the young wrestler also played a WWE match at NXT in January, which he lost to Tyler Rust.

Daniel Garcia’s adventure in AEW

While in AEW, he made his debut in September last year in two episodes of the Dark show. After his two AEW appearances, Daniel Garcia was still part of independent federations such as NJPW, Limitless Wrestling and ICW.

However, in 2021 he made 15 appearances in AEW, with several matches in Dark and Dark Elevation and several appearances also in AEW Dynamite. He was and still is also a member of 2.0 with Jeff Parker and Matt Lee. But his best matches took place at AEW Rampage, where he faced two great Superstars like Jon Moxley and CM Punk, with both losing but showing really great talent.

A great talent for AEW with great potential and a great future. A technical, intense and even violent style. Daniel Garcia has charisma and also experience despite his young age of 23. “Red Death”, as he likes to be called, has qualities even on the microphone and for someone of that age, it is no small thing.

In short, a great full-time purchase for AEW that continues to increase the quality of its roster. Tony Khan’s promotion has placed a lot of emphasis on helping communities with expansive community outreach programs. They make it a point to help smaller independent wrestling promotions by showcasing their talent on Dark and Dark: Elevation while allowing their wrestlers to work independent dates.

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Why Halloween Kills’ Judy Greer Wanted Audiences To Be ‘Upset’ By The Ending

MAJOR SPOILERS for Halloween Kills are ahead, turn back if you have yet to see the horror sequel before reading on. 

Michael Myers wasted zero time going back on a murderous rampage in the latest among the Halloween movies. In the second installment of David Gordon Green’s trilogy, Halloween Kills, the masked killer pierced right through our collective hearts with the last bloody stab of the film. Judy Greer’s daughter of Laurie Strode, Karen was murdered by Michael in his childhood home after she removed his mask and attempted to end him as well. It’s sad knowing all three generations of Strodes will not be present in Halloween Ends, but Greer has an interesting take on how she hopes audiences take it. 

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Horror Movie

Interview: Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, and Brandon Perras (Death Drop Gorgeous)

“A dejected bartender and an aging drag queen fight to survive the eccentric and hostile nightlife of a corrupt city, as a masked maniac slaughters young gay men and drains them of blood.

An ode to the wicked work of John Waters, festival fave Death Drop Gorgeous – Seattle Queer, Chicago Horror, Wicked Queer, VideoScream and over 20 more festivals worldwide – features divine work by directors Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, Brandon Perras-Sanchez, and a superlative cast headed by Wayne Gonsalves, Payton St. James, Brandon Perras-Sanchez, and Christopher Dalpe.”

Hi Mike, Brandon, and Chris. I loved Death Drop Gorgeous. It’s a great slasher film, and it’s funny. It felt like Dressed to Kill meets Thelma and Louise.


Mike- That’s a great reference.

How did this idea manifest for the three of you?

Brandon- Chris and I were joking about the sex apps and the dating apps were just meant for serial killers. We were joking about it, and making a movie out of it. Then a year later we met Mike, and I told Mike about this idea.

Mike- We had no idea it would dictate the next five years of our lives, in a magical way.


The three of you did a lot in this movie. Did you face any challenges?

Chris- I’m going to jump in here. I love that this is the most common question that we’re getting, and I kind of want to come up with a fake dramatic answer. I think we all wore a ton of different hats. I think that’s where our strength came from.


Brandon- The three of us worked naturally together. The only struggle we had been, how do we make what little money we had stretch in to a whole feature. The budget was entirely fundraising.

Mike- We also had our fill-time jobs. We were trying to do this on the side.

This is probably way too soon but will there be a sequel, or are you working on something different?

Brandon- We’re currently on production of a film called St. Drogo. We don’t currently have a sequel in the works but if a rich producer wants to throw some money our way, we will come up with something.

I loved the ending but I thought it would be interesting to find out more.

Brandon- No, we did end it in a way that the adventure could continue. That was very intentional.

Chris- Hell, we wrote it so that we could make a prequel if we needed to.

What can you tell us about the special effects, make-up, the amazing fabulous costumes?

Chris- We all shared a lot of hats and roles. I think Brandon earns a lot of credit for the artistic direction. He was really our artistic director for a lot of our murder scenes. He worked closely with our commissioned artists to get the scene that we were looking for. I’ve got to give him major props.

Brandon- Thank you, Chris. Our special effects team primarily Victoria Elizabeth Black from Dragula came up with her partner, and they did the Tony Two Fingers scene, the massage scene, and the glory hole scene. We found another local special effect artist, Scott C. Miller, and he came in and did some more special effects.

Mike- As far as costuming goes, I would say ninety-eight percent of the drag queen outfits were from the drag queens themselves. We gave them a character and we let them run with their vision of what they wanted the queen to look like. So, all the great things that Gloria Hole wears are because of the drag queens. The rest of the drag queens brought their vision to set.

Chris- What’s fun about some of those costumes too is that we scheduled a lot of shoots on nights that they might be performing. So, they did these weird costumes and then they would go perform in them in the bars later that night.

What did the three of you do to prepare for your characters and directing the cast?

Brandon- For our characters, we were able to get in character pretty easily. The cast was so well prepared. We gave them some freedom with the dialog. It was an exciting process to watch this cast bring these characters to life.

Chris- Could I talk about Tradd Sanderson who plays the character Ivy League. Tradd is such a nice fellow, his character is an awful person and Tradd is a sweetheart. I kid you not, his audition was us standing in a room telling him that we’re going to need you to scream as loud as you possibly can.

What do the three of you want to say to everyone that will be watching Death Drop Gorgeous?

Chris- Since we have been doing these interviews, and a lot of these conversations we have been having. Something that’s been meaningful from the community, a lot of people have shown up for the grossness, the gross kills, the fun slasher aspect of the movie. A lot of people keep walking away with the heart of the story. I think a lot of people are moved with how intentional we wanted to write a story about small town bars with small town drag queens that we relate with. I think a lot of people are walking away going, this is better than I thought it should be. I hope people get more than a funny kill.

Mike – I think something that Brandon often says is, we hope that people will be inspired to pick up a camera, and start making their own films. We did this with little money, no huge investment backers, no sugar daddies. I think it’s important to reach out to and work with your community, and collaborate with them. I think our movie exists because of Providence, and how close knit our queer community is. I think we want to encourage people. It’s exciting that people see the heart in this story. I hope it inspires other folks to go out tell their fresh and new stories, not the same redundant remakes and recaps of things we’ve seen time and time again.

Brandon- Too piggy-back off of what Mike said, I think there is a certain standard of how people expect a film to look because we’re so immersed in Hollywood bullshit at all times. I think people need to realize that there are a lot of people out there that have stories to tell, and yes, some stuff might look low-budget but it’s worth checking these films out. There’s so much cool shit that people are making outside of Hollywood that we need to start paying attention to.

Mike- Fuck Yeah!

I think so too. It was nice to see an original story. It does have a lot of heart. I watch horror movies too because I want to get away from real life. Because… well… it’s horrible sometimes.


Mike, Brandon, and Chris in unison: Yeah!

I took a message away from this movie. It is a great film.

Brandon- Thank you

Chris- Thank you

Brandon- Thank you.

Mike- It’s about loving every aspect of your community. Our two main characters are sort of these folks who are already outsiders in a general society but feel even more pushed to the outside. I think it’s about caring about your community so, thank you for saying that.

Thank you so much for talking with me today.

Brandon- Thank you.

Chris- Thank you.

Mike- Thank you so much.

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How Many Times A Day Does The Rock Actually Eat?

Dwayne Johnson is the biggest movie star in the world. That’s not to say that he’s the most famous movie star in the world, though there’s an argument to be made. Rather, he’s quite possibly the physically largest movie star in the world. The man is absolutely huge, and just how he has achieved and maintained his impressive physique is something a lot of people are curious about. If you want to build a body like The Rock you’ll need to eat quite a lot and do it quite often. 

In a new video for Vanity Fair, Dwayne Johnson is asked a wide variety of questions on a variety of topics, but several of them surround his fitness regimen. At one point he’s asked how many meals he eats in a day. Turns out, it’s a lot. Johnson says… 

Well, I eat roughly five to six meals a day.

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Malakai Black Speaks About Pitching His New Character To Tony Khan

Malakai Black is one of AEW’s most popular characters, and he spoke about how long it took to sell his character to Tony Khan. Tony Khan is currently working as AEW’s President and Malakai Black is a former WWE wrestler.

Malakai was known as Aleister Black in the WWE. Malakai Black was able to make his AEW debut even though he was under a non-compete clause. However, there was a clerical error in that clause that let him make his debut early.

Malakai stated that it took him only 10 minutes to sell his on-screen character idea to Tony Khan.

Malakai Black Speaks About How Long it Took to Sell HIs Character to Tony Khan

“That [AEW debut] was pivotal, to be able to make such an impact right away, and being allowed to make such an impact my way,” Black told Orlando Sentinel.

“My conversation with [Khan] about what I wanted to do with my character wasn’t any longer than 10 minutes and he was sold. “Even before [in WWE], when I had handcuffs on [stylistically], my body of work stood for itself, but there’s a lot of trust here in what I can do”.

According to Malakai, his current character is based on Celtic lore. He is very sadistic and is influenced by occultism. “He’s sadistic but thoughtful,” Black said of his on-screen persona. “He isn’t careless.

He’s capable of showing respect and emotion, but he’s very particular about it. He gets cheered sometimes, and I think that’s because deep within everybody, we all have a violent nature when we draw more on the negative side of things”.

Malakai is scheduled to face his arch-rival, Cody Rhodes. This will be his third fight against him. “If I’m going to do something, I might as well do it with the biggest diamond of the company,” Black said.

“As a wrestler, I can’t say I have anything but respect for him. But to get ahead, you have to cut off the head of the dragon, and he was one of the biggest dragons”. Malakai Black is one of the many former WWE Superstars that quit WWE as they didn’t like the way the WWE was handling their character.

Malakai had a fantastic career and a huge following outside of WWE. That is the reason why he was extremely disappointed that the WWE did not handle his character well while he was there.

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Horror Movie

Book Review: Night of the Undead Whores – Author Eric Kapitan

Night of the Undead Whores

By Eric Kapitan

65 Pages

The ballad of Aaron and the symphony of destruction orchestrated from the most hideous of composition. His unrelenting lust for carnal mayhem and blood knows no bounds. When his darkened mentor Bob begins to eclipse his own reality, Aaron soon realizes his evil deeds come with unfathomed consequences.

Night of The Undead Whores few can deny is a title that no question beckons a great deal of attention. Not at all void of controversy yet at the same time a certain sense of grim levity is inspired. While even the most cynical of readers may think they can predict the tone, prose and outcome of this peculiar novel, rest assured there is a little something here for fans of all walks of life within the horror realm.

Kapitan’s premier eruption before the written thriller community comes in the form of a most brief, compact form. Comparable to a borderline short story or novella, Night of The Undead Whores is the precise length of perfection to provide allure to a vast reading audience of varying intrigue. I’ll be the first to go officially on record in stating that I rarely read, then re-read (and in full disclosure in this case) read once again any written pieces submitted to me for review.

NOTUW I simply had to revisit a second time just to satiate my own personal curiosity, in pondering, “Just what in exactly did I read here?” The third time was to confirm all of the havoc and taboo carnage was not all in my imagination.

It is evident author Eric Kapitan makes no apologies in his content. Will some be offended? Sure. Will it create controversy? No doubt. Will this novel remain a fixated topic of conversation among novice and well-read horror authors for years to come? A most resounding yes.

The horrific, for lack of better terms splatter punk type scenes that unfold are indicative of a creator that is no question a fan of the genre. Reading this tale can be aptly described as witnessing the skin crawling car wreck that you drive by. One simply cannot unseen the sights just witnessed, yet one can not deviate their gaze either.

Kapitan bravely and boldly pushes the envelope, and the horror genre is blessed for his efforts. After all it is innovators such as these that are the trend setters within the world of creativity. If our cherished media form were just the same rehashed, tired stories turned out in varying forms, the life of horror would become stale and die a very quiet death all on its own. As peculiar as it may seem, authors and artists such as Kapitan provide hope in an often-dismal genre.

Somewhere between the initial act of exposition through Aaron’s first-person point of view and the second act of plot escalation we begin to see a most subtle shift. As the reading audience we begin to feel a certain sense of empathy for young Aaron’s upbringing. We feel his pain and sorrow, vicarious reliving our own short comings that life has served. Just when our proverbial guard has been let down, the author shifts the almost motley, likable protagonist into a most loathsome, detestable antagonist. No easy feat for any author, yet Kapitan precisely achieves this without contributing strife or convolution along the way.

The main character’s general disdain for women is highlighted through and through. Giving a most chilling segue unto the evil deeds done. The very evil entity dubbed quite mundane as Bob is a perfect metaphor behind Aaron’s atrocities. The metaphor is what breathes very real life into horror and vice versa. Mental illness is an epidemic within our contemporary society.

We may very well have our own version of Aaron living right next door to us, a co-worker, a stranger stuck in commuter traffic behind us. A sheep’s clothing discriminates against no wolves.

The final act of Night of The Undead Whores or more aptly final pages are easily the most spell binding and truly must be witnessed with your own eyes. Be forewarned you may just need a very thorough shower afterwards.

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Why Dune’s Denis Villeneuve Doesn’t Think David Lynch Would Want To Discuss The Film With Him

After much waiting, the highly anticipated sci-fi adventure Dune has finally arrived in theaters, and on HBO Max. Denis Villenueve’s epic had a great opening night and is positioned to do well at the box office. Though the movie is off to a nice start, its positive buzz was far from a sure thing, especially since David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation is considered by fans to be lackluster. Interestingly, Villeneuve doesn’t think Lynch would be open to discussing their respective takes on the novel. 

Denis Villeneuve has fielded quite a few questions about the director of the 1984 movie while promoting his own film. And Villeneuve has been relatively diplomatic when referring to the Blue Velvet director and his take on Frank Herbert’s classic. This rung true when he recently spoke to NME, as he shared his respect for the director and explained why he doesn’t believe he would be enthusiastic about talking about the film:

I never had the chance to talk to Mr Lynch. I would love to. I don’t think he’d be interested to talk about Dune though. I don’t think he had a positive experience… He’s a master – one of the best filmmakers of all time and I have massive respect for him, even though I wanted to bring a different sensibility to my version. I tried to stay away from anything that was linked with the Lynch movie.

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Vince Russo opens up on Eva Marie’s status

In the episode of Raw on September 27, Doudrop turned his attention to the female champion of Raw Charlotte Flair. Doudrop responded to Charlotte’s open challenge and put on a great show, before Eva Marie’s interference prevented her from taking home a well-deserved victory.

Immediately after the meeting, Eva began a long speech against the division of women. Shayna Baszler showed up in the ring and brutally attacked her, stepping on Marie’s arm on the steel steps. During the latest edition of ‘Writing with Russo’ on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo illustrated how Eva Marie’s return to WWE did not have the desired effects.

Her return was announced on May 4, 2021, through a promo video called ‘Eva-Lution’ In Russo’s opinion, the 37-year-old Walnut Creek’s programming wasn’t profitable for her career and she didn’t benefit any other superstar.

Vince Russo talks about Eva Marie

“The speech on Eva Marie is long and complicated. Regardless of the economic deal that binds her to WWE, it is impossible to deny that the events of the past three months have almost totally destroyed the credibility of her character.

Her decision to return to WWE didn’t turn out to be advantageous at all. The programming they have prepared for her makes no sense from a strictly commercial point of view” – said Vince Russo. The latter has repeatedly criticized WWE for pushing Doudrop rather than Marie herself.

“I don’t know Doudrop and I don’t want to put her in a bad light, I limit myself only to evaluating the facts. Who is more marketable between Eva Marie and Doudrop? I ask you this question. I don’t dislike Doudrop, but it’s absurd to put her on the same level as Eva Marie.

Have you taken a look at the curriculum of both of them? How many films did Doudrop participate in and how many Eva Marie? I don’t understand why Vince McMahon’s federation has decided to bet everything on Doudrop and to abandon Eva.”

Vince Russo suggested that Eva Marie loved the wrestling business to leave her acting career and move back to WWE. He mentioned that WWE lowered Eva’s stock with dismal booking decisions. Here’s what Russo said about the situation: “Bro, I think she (Eva Marie) loves the business.

Bro, every interview you see with her, she loves the business. I really think she really, really wanted to come back because she loves the business,” Vince Russo said.

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How Zach Galifianakis Is Hilariously Trying To Hide The Hangover From His Children

It’s wild to think that The Hangover was first released over 10 years ago. The movie gave us many things, including Zach Galifianakis, the actor who flawlessly portrayed Alan, the cringeworthy baby-wearing character that launched a thousand T shirts. While many know him as a lively comedic actor, he’s also a loving father to two young boys. And when it comes to his family, apparently, the hilarious Between Two Ferns star and host is a tad more low-key than his fan-favorite character and tries to hide his connection to Alan and the rest of the film’s band of unfortunate adventurers. 

Zach Galifianakis had his first son just a few years after The Hangover made its impressive debut. Despite still being active in Hollywood with the same adult-oriented humor, he seems to want to hide his claim to fame from his young children. In an interview with ET, the 59-year-old actor says his kids actually have no idea what he does for work and believe he has a totally different profession. Here’s what the Due Date star says on the subject, exactly:

My kids think I’m a librarian somewhere. They don’t even know. They think I’m an assistant librarian somewhere. … They shall never know of it. I’ll just deny it. I’ll say, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. I had nothing to do with that movie.’

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Karrion Kross’s character changes again

During an episode of Raw at the end of August, we saw Karrion Kross debut with a new look that left the whole WWE Universe perplexed, when he showed up at ringside with a very special mask, almost like a gladiator. So let’s say that with the transition made by NXT to the main roster, things have definitely changed for him, in fact, he slowly began to change his character even in the absence of his wife and workmate Scarlett Bordeaux.

As reported by WrestleVotes on Twitter, a further change of gimmick is coming for him: “The source says that WWE is changing the character of Karrion Kross once again. The plan is for him to be more of a “psycho” but still “calm and quiet.”

As of now, the helmet remains, but for whatever reason, still no Scarlett. The presentation of the entrance, including the music, is scheduled to be changed too.”

Backstage news on Karrion Kross

Interviewed recently on Table Talk Podcast, Karrion Kross was obviously asked what happened to his beautiful manager from the heyday of NXT, with the former absolute champion of the yellow roster, who wanted to reveal: “What can I say? Let’s see.

I mean without being deliberately too cryptic, we are waiting for something that will end in her course shortly. So, she is very well and training maniacally. As she always has. You might expect to see her. in any place and at any time.”

It is not yet known where all these changes in Karrion Kross’s career will lead, also because the public has never appreciated him so much, since the days of NXT where he was booed, or even worse ignored, with this second option that he brought with him.

also on the main roster. Surely around the web, he made a lot of talk about himself even with some teasing from the fans, especially for his new helmet. We just have to wait and see how things turn out. Wrestlevotes has taken to its Twitter handle and updated fans about plans that WWE has regarding Karrion Kross and Scarlett.

According to a source, Kross is set to receive a character change yet again. This time, WWE’s plan is to make Kross more of a “psycho” but “calm and cool” As far as wrestling gear goes, the former NXT Champion will still sport the helmet.

The report also shares an update regarding Scarlett’s presence. She will not be seen alongside Kross for reasons unknown. But Kross will also see a change in his theme music and entrance presentation.

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