*Spoiler* Mandy Rose defeated Ember Moon

An all-female match involving the leader of one of the stables who is recently having her say in that of NXT opens the evening. SINGLE MATCH: Mandy Rose vs Ember Moon; we are witnessing a very interesting clash with a Mandy who manages to keep up with her opponent trying several times to break her breath with a series of submission maneuvers.

When Ember decides to press the accelerator, however, the situation changes and he too scores an avalance codebreaker. Not happy, Moon then prepares for the Eclipse which is promptly avoided Rose who in all response hits the mark with a running knee to which she follows the final pin.

Result: Mandy Rose’s pinfall win; Let’s continue now with the second match that sees the now former Million Dollar Champ engaged.

Huge victory for Mandy Rose

The show opened with Mandy Rose defeating Ember Moon in a solid match.

While this was a good win for the leader of Toxic Attraction, it harmed the former NXT Women’s Champion. Moon had teased a character change a while back but is yet to act on it. SINGLE MATCH: L.A. Knight vs Odyssey Jones; Knight is forced to use all his experience to contain his opponent’s physical hubris.

However, the work turns out to be more difficult than expected, in fact when he tries to score a bodyslam the weight of Odyssey unbalances him preventing him from completing the maneuver, giving in fact a huge advantage to his opponent.

Jones then realizes that the time has come to step on the accelerator. After landing a couple of maneuvers including a devastating gutbuster, Odyssey is distracted by Chase. Knight then has nothing to do but capitalize with a neckbreaker.

During the pin Chase manages to move Odyssey’s foot from under the rope so that the count cannot be interrupted. After winning the NCAA Division I Title, Steveson revealed he wanted to be a part of WWE. But, after winning the Olympic medal.

In fact, he revealed he wanted to be the best WWE Superstar to have ever walked the ring. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Steveson secured the Gold in Freestyle Wrestling. Following that, he reached out to Vince McMahon on social media, but The Big Man did not respond to that.

Some time ago, Steveson teased that the negotiations were done, the contract was drafted, and it was just a matter of signing the document. However, at that point, he did not reveal if he was joining WWE or another wrestling promotion.

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Idris Elba Still Has Promising James Bond Odds, But He Just Gave An Update On The Next 007

With Daniel Craig’s final turn as James Bond finally in theaters around the world, attention will soon turn to who the next James Bond will be (after people get over that wild ending). While there are many potential candidates, one name that has continued to be at the top of the list is Idris Elba. Although he admits he’d still love to do the role, he also is seriously downplaying the idea that he’ll be the next Bond. 

In a recent interview with ITV, Idris Elba was asked, for what I believe was the 10,000th time, if he would be the next James Bond. Elba clearly loved the simple fact that he’s part of the conversation, as it indicates that the role has moved past race, but when pressed, he made a pretty unequivocal statement…

It’s a sign of the times when we can stop talking about black, white, and colour then we’re in a really healthy place…. No I’m not going to be James Bond.

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What’s next for Austin Theory?

In this year’s edition of the Draft, WWE also wanted to call some NXT Superstars to take the plunge, to move to that of the main roster, with a few essential names that have made this step, which however could have a great future in the rings of the WWE main roster.

On Monday Night Raw, the former EVOLVE champion also arrived, as well as already Superstar of the red roster during the covid emergency, when he was an ally of Andrade and Angel Garza, in the team with Zelina Vega, before the manager was released for the first time.

We are obviously talking about Austin Theory, who until a few days ago was at NXT, in the middle of the plans of The Way and who instead on Monday was in the Raw ring, attacking Jeff Hardy, after asking him for a selfie, because Jeff was one of his childhood heroes.

As it turns out, WWE has big plans and big plans in mind for its new main roster wrestler, with Austin Theory having a bright future in the Raw rings from now on. According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known site Ringside News, in fact, some members of the WWE crew would have assured that the creative team of the Stamford-based company will have to focus strongly on the former NXT, precisely at the behest of Vince McMahon himself, who is a great admirer of the wrestler’s talent.

WWE has big plans for Austin Theory

After seeing Austin Theory taking selfies with Jeff Hardy and hitting him, it seems obvious that there will be a brief feud between the two, before Jeff leaves Raw, with these two weeks of time that could be used to push as much as possible the character from Theory on the main roster.

We recall how the boy is only 24 years old but has already been around the United States for some time to train and fight in the rings of various companies, including EVOLVE, of which he was absolute champion a few years ago.

We’ll see how far he wants to push his character, Vince McMahon, if he even wants to raise him up to the main event of Raw, where there is a babyface champion (Big E) or if he still wants to make him have big feuds at the top of the show card.

red, before pushing it too far. While Damian Priest is having the time of his life on the WWE’s red brand, The Archer of Infamy had a noteworthy run in NXT. Initially debuting as a monster heel, Priest soon turned into a good guy following his praiseworthy match against Finn Balor at TakeOver: In Your House (2020).

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Horror Movie



New 8-part Infinity Comic series follows the SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE: SPIRIT RIDER #1 one-shot 
All-star creative team includes Taboo, B. Earl, Guillermo Sanna, Vanessa del Rey, and Jordie Bellaire 

GHOST RIDER: KUSHALA is co-written by Taboo, a founding member of the Black Eyed Peas, and B. Earl, and includes an impressive creative team including artists Guillermo Sanna and Vanesa del Rey and colorist Jordie Bellaire. Read more about the writers here: www.marvel.com/articles/comics/ghost-rider-kushala-infinity-comics-interview-taboo-and-b-earl

New issues of the 8-part series will be available on the Marvel Unlimited app every Thursday.

Writer: Taboo, B. Earl
Artist: Guillermo Sanna
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Editor: Sarah Brunstad

She’s the Sorcerer Supreme of the 1800s and a Ghost Rider-turned-Spirit Rider — the only one who’s managed to tame her spirit of vengeance. But when someone comes after Kushala and her ancestral line, all hell breaks loose. Taboo (of the Black Eyed Peas) and B. Earl join with artist Guillermo Sanna for a wild ride through the past, present, and future of the Marvel Universe—and tell the story of the one extraordinary family who must fight to save it all!

Marvel Unlimited is a one-stop destination for over 29,000 comics spanning the entire Marvel Universe. The app available on For iPhone®, iPad®, Android devices™ and web. For more information on new Marvel Unlimited comics, please visit: www.marvel.com/unlimited.For creator interview opportunities, assets, or preview copies, please contact Hayley Strichman at hstrichman@marvel.com.

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Anthony Mackie Has A Great Idea For Real Steel 2, So Bring On Hugh Jackman

While Real Steel’s Netflix success was a surprise, it sprung up talks of a possible sequel. Fans have been given their plot suggestions for the unannounced follow-up. But one Real Steel star might have them beat. Anthony Mackie revealed his great idea for a possible Real Steel 2, and fans should hear him out.

The push for Real Steel 2 has been bubbling for years. The talk only intensified as a similarly themed film from Vin Diesel was announce in 2020. Anthony Mackie wants to beat Diesel to the punch with his Real Steel idea. The Outside the Wire star revealed to Entertainment Weekly his idea for a sequel.

I think the possibilities are endless. I always thought about the idea of going to the underground world and seeing what the reality is. The underground boxing circuit is so different than that last fight [the finale League match in the movie] with all the glitz and the glam and the polish. I feel like you can do a Mad Max meets Real Steel, and I could be Tina Turner.

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Bryan Danielson Speaks About Rebuilding his Love for Pro Wrestling

Bryan Danielson is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, and he recently spoke about rebuilding his love for professional wrestling. Bryan is mostly known for being a former WWE Champion and he was one of the company’s biggest stars.

He left the WWE this year to join AEW as a full-time roster member. After his contract with WWE expired, many people and journalists believed that Bryan would quit professional wrestling. He even hinted at that multiple times during interviews.

According to Bryan, his love for professional wrestling revived during the Pandemic era. He believed that performing in an empty arena was a challenge.

Bryan Danielson Speaks About Why He Started Loving Professional Wrestling Again

“So my contract with WWE was coming up,” Danielson said.

“Brie and I thought when I signed that contract that after this, I’m going to be kind of done. I had told them before the pandemic started, I said ‘we’ve got a little over a year left on my contract, I’m kind of done being a full-time wrestler so let’s use this next year and a half that we have for me and use it to build as many stars as possible.’ What’s the most effective way I can be of use? But then I started really, really loving wrestling during the pandemic again.

Empty arena wrestling. For me, it was such a unique challenge. Oh my gosh.” Bryan Danielson also said, “When we were in the WWE Performance Center, there was no people, there was no extra audio, there was no crowd sweetening, there was nothing, and I loved it!

Because it was such a unique challenge as far as like ‘whoa, what even is wrestling? How do you even present this?’ Some people just did their same old thing and that clearly doesn’t work with no crowd. And so it made me look at wrestling differently, it challenged me.

It was a lot of fun. And then my daughter’s going into preschool and I was like maybe it’s just time for me to just be a dad. I had all these conflicting ideas about what I wanted out of my life. I thought 40 was going to be the tipping point where I was just like physically, I won’t be able to do what I want to be able to do. Turns out I’m 40 and I feel great!”

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Femme Fatales Out in Paperback! Join Launch Event 10/12

Paperback available Now!
Join us October 12 for the

Don’t miss this roundtable launch event on writing horror from the authors of Femme Fatales: Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 6  from Castle Bridge Media.

The paperback of Femme Fatales is now available.

NAME—Launch Party! Femme Fatales: Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 6
DATE—October 12, 2021
TIME—6:30pm PDT
Join the authors of the new horror collection Femme Fatales: Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 6 as they discuss horror, the feminine, and their own work. Bring questions for this exciting webinar!

About the book:
The theme is Femme Fatale—that beautiful and seductive temptress who is sure to cause disaster and destruction wherever she chooses to go. This time, for the Castle of Horror, we’re taking a dark peek into the mind of the female. These are horror stories from females, about females, edited by a female, each one featuring a clever twist on the femme fatale. Is she the villain or is she the hero? With everything from demons and snakes to taxidermy and strip poker, we’ve pulled together 16 tales that may leave you looking at your wife, your lover, your best friend, or just your next door neighbor, wondering “what is she really thinking?” Featuring stories from editor P. J. Hoover, Joy Preble, Christina Berry, Shelli Cornelison, Jessica Lee Anderson, Bernadette Johnson, S. de Freitas, Madeline Smoot, Carmen Gray, Jess Hagemann, Britta Jensen, S. N. Rodriguez, Miracle Austin, Katya de Becerra, M.J. Addy, and Beth Kander.

ZOOM LINK— https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84477092625?pwd=WlNWSkNtVk9QZjIzdnVOWVpFVVJyUT09

Release information:

Femme Fatales: Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 6
October 12, 2021- paperback available now!
Castle Bridge Media
Paperback and Kindle


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Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Movie Is Bringing In A Dark Knight Trilogy Alum, And There’s More Good News

It’s been a little over a year since Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was released in theaters, and now the filmmaker in in the process of getting his next cinematic tale off the ground. Last month, it was reported that Nolan will helm a movie about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist who played an integral role in developing the atomic bomb during World War II. Now it’s been announced that Cillian Murphy, who played Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, has been cast as the “father of the atomic bomb.”

While it had been previously rumored that Cillian Murphy might be involved in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, now it’s official, per Deadline. Furthermore, Oppenheimer has been dated for July 21, 2023, the same month that past Nolan flicks like The Dark Knight, Inception and Dunkirk arrived. Tenet had also been dated for July 2020 before it was pushed back a few months in response to the pandemic. Oppenheimer is set to begin production in early 2022, and it will be shot on a combination of IMAX 65mm and 65mm large-format film.

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The original plans for Bobby Lashley were very different

The second part of the WWE Draft was staged on this Monday’s episode of Raw, an event that every year tends to totally change the hierarchies within the roster of the most important wrestling company in the world. While SmackDown was the first choice on day one of Draft, and the Tribal Chief and WWE ruler Roman Reigns was chosen, Raw responded with its champion by choosing Big E.

Things didn’t have to go that way though. According to reports from PWInsider, one possibility the company was considering was the possibility of Raw choosing former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley as its first name. WWE initially wanted to keep their audience in suspense especially given the fact that the other two New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods had gone to SmackDown.

Everyone would have to wait to figure out where the WWE Champion would go. In the end, Vince McMahon discarded this hypothesis and opted for the option that everyone then saw. PWInsider colleagues reported that WWE discarded this ‘Cliffhanger’ last Friday.

Latest update on Bobby Lashley

While the New Day was split again this was not the case for Hurt Business as Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin also remained in the red brand, this was announced during Raw Talk. The insiders also underlined the huge step forward made by Raw in this Draft: in fact, in addition to the various confirmations, the Hall of Famer Edge and his bitter rival Seth Rollins, as well as his partner Becky Lynch, were chosen.

Bianca Belair also arrived from the women’s roster while superstars such as Rey and Dominik Mysterio, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor were also added, and also as the last choice Raw welcomed the rookie Gable Steveson, gold medalist at the Olympics.

The match was set up as a result of Bobby Lashley’s interference in the six-man tag team match that took place earlier in the night between The New Day and The Usos & the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The All Mighty took out Big E, Kofi, and The Usos in the closing moments of the match.

That distracted Xavier Woods, who ran into a spear from The Tribal Chief. After Reigns picked up the win, he was taken out by a spear from Bobby Lashley. Following demands from Lashley and Big E, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville made the triple-threat main-event official. The Head of the Table secured his second win of the night when he pinned the former WWE champion after a spear.

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PARAFlixx paranormal+ Is THE Place To Get Spooked This Halloween

New Streaming Service Offers October’s Spookiest Thrills With 31 Days Of #HALLOFlixx Programming

October is the month for spooky obsessions, ranging from ghosts and the spirit world, through the possibility of UFOs and alien life forms, vampires and beyond. Now there’s a bold new streaming service that offers a one-stop treasure trove of terror.

PARAFlixx paranormal+ – regarded by its fans as “the Netflix of the paranormal” – has arrived as the official home of the paranormal. Bringing together an ever-growing library of fictional programming, original reality shows, music videos, and feature films spanning the paranormal, supernatural, universe & beyond, & horror, as PARAFlixx makes a big splash in the world.

“PARAFlixx is a subscription on-demand website, as well as an app on Roku TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon Fire and Apple TV,” said PARAFlixx President & CEO Natalie Jones. “We came together to fuse the Paranormal universe with Hollywood know-how. We have big plans for the future and will have millions of subscribers within five years.”

“This is the perfect time to launch as we experience disclosure and awakening on a global scale,” says Jones. “We extend to all things supernatural, horror, thriller, vampire, UFO, extraterrestrial, cryptid and spiritual content, plus an Enlightened+ learning collection. We also created the #PARAPlays collection, which are paranormal clips captured on film.”

The home of the paranormal matches the programming format of industry giant Netflix by predicting other programming individual viewers will enjoy. The more they watch, the better the system works in helping them find other programs that best match their interests.

PARAFlixx paranormal+ is unique because nearly 90 percent of the content is exclusive, not found on any other streaming service, with new programming

options added weekly. Subscribers can join by either paying $29.99 annually or $3.99 per month, which includes a three-day free trial to explore at leisure. Subscribe at www.paraflixx.com and download the APP for seamless streaming on-the-go, on television, or from your favorite devices.

Jones is also excited to announce the production of a new PARAFlixx Original feature film: a vampire movie with a unique Catholic angle Transubstantiation. Set to debut in 2022, the film by writer-director Cody Knotts folllows a vampire (newcomer Ryan Joseph) who discovers that his only chance for a cure is to drink the blood of Christ. He abducts a priest namedFather Mark (Scott Cooper of “The Maze Runner” and “Homeland”) and a family to force God to perform a miracle.

“It’s groundbreaking and it touches on something that does not currently exist in the film industry right now,” says Jones. “It’s definitely going to be an explosive feature film.”

The movie will join other PARAFlixx programming that include:

1. Beyond the Dimensions, a PARAFlixx Original series which follows paranormal investigators Mike Hatcher, Ashley Moreno and Jason Baker as they bring a new edge to Spirit communication.

2. The Harrisville Haunting: The Real Conjuring House, an original documentary which takes place at The Harrisville Farmhouse, the location for the first film in the wildly successful “The Conjuring” trilogy of true-life demonic possession tales.

3. Alone At Hinsdale Nick McKnight spends a night alone exploring a lonely house, The Haunted Hinsdale House, in the middle of the woods.

4. The Bray Road Beast A shocking walk on an abandoned road in search of the Bray Road Beast in Wisconsin.

5. George A. Romero’s Night of The Living Dead (1968) (Halloween Release Special)

Add it all up, and it’s clear that PARAFlixx paranormal+ is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the programming landscape. And with the spookiest season of the year in full force, now is the perfect time to sign up for the service and #DareToStreamAlone.

“Every October we showcase the network theme ‘#HALLOFlixx,’ somewhat like the Travel Channel themes itself ‘Ghostober,’” says CEO Natalie Jones. “Special episodes will come out that month in celebration of ‘31 day of Halloween’ and we will incorporate other aspects to bring an extra level of celebration to the platform.”

  1. For more information on PARAFlixx paranormal+, visit www.paraflixx.com

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