*Spoiler* Roman Reigns took precautions during Extreme Rules

The WWE Universal Champion of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns, has now been the absolute champion of the blue roster for over a year, or since that Payback of August 2020, when the athlete went to defeat both Braun Strowman and The Fiend, ripping the title from the hands of the demonic athlete of Smackdown.

Since then, the best reign of his entire career has begun for the Tribal Chief, with the twinning with Paul Heyman and his cousins, the Usos, who has done nothing but bring victories after victories, including at Extreme Rules, against Finn Balor, who presented himself for the occasion in the form of Demon Balor.

Even this, however, did not help Balor to win against his most difficult opponent, with Roman Reigns who also surprised the audience in the arena and the one from home, putting on a mask, while he was fighting in the crowd, to keep up the precautions against covid-19.

Roman Reigns uses a mask

We are all set for this year’s edition of WWE Extreme Rules 2021. The pay-per-view has had a decent build-up and has a few important title clashes scheduled for the night. Surprisingly, only one match will be governed by the Extreme Rules stipulation.

There’s little room for surprises, but we could see Brock Lesnar or Sasha Banks make a huge return at the show. As you will remember very well at the beginning of 2020, Roman Reigns was absent shortly before Wrestlemania 36, ​​due to the high infections from covid-19, which at that time put him and his family in serious danger, given that Roman was returning from the return of a fairly aggressive form of leukemia and that instead, his wife was expecting their twins.

After being out of the picture for months, Reigns had then reappeared in the WWE rings at Summerslam, where his chase for the title had begun, then became a reality with Payback and his first victory after returning. However, all this has left its mark on the mind and soul of Smackdown’s Universal Champion, who is very careful to always be safe, even and above all at work.

In a situation on Sunday, in fact, in which Balor and Reigns were fighting in the audience of the arena, Roman Reigns wore a mask that came out of nowhere, so as not to come into contact with the public, so as to avoid any possibility of contagion.

for covid, with Delta variants appearing to be growing, especially in the United States. Since none of us is immune to the virus, Roman so preferred to wear adequate protection, which he then took off by returning to the ring with his opponent.

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