Roman Reigns sends a threatening message

Over the past year, the entire WWE revolves totally around the character of the company’s Tribal Chief and current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The wrestler dominated the Smackdown roster, we saw him beat anyone who got in his way and tonight, in the last episode of Monday Night Raw he is back again the protagonist.

During the red show that precedes the Extreme Rules Pay Per View, Roman Reigns appeared together with Hli Usos to compose Bloodline. These have won, thanks to the help of Bobby Lashley, a three-way match with Roman Reigns who got the decisive pin.

At the end of the match, however, The All Mighty hit Roman Reigns with a Spear, sending him an important message for the evening. Roman Reigns’ dominance has once again been certified not only at Smackdown but this time at Raw as well and so WWE appears to have the Tribal Chief as the undisputed leader.

Latest update on Roman Reigns

Universal Champion Roman Reigns is set to put his title on the line against ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor at Extreme Rules. Last week, Balor teamed up with Big E to defeat The Usos. Reigns then went to RAW and defeated the WWE Champion twice in two different matches.

The night of his return to Raw after about two years of absence was a triumphal one for the company’s Head of the Table. During the evening Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville announced as Main Event the Triple Threat Match challenge between Roman Reigns, Big E and Bobby Lashley and just when the WWE Champion was beating Lashley after the Big Ending he intervened pinning The All Mighty with a Spear .

Once again the Tribal Chief has cemented his leadership on both of the company’s rosters. The clash between Roman Reigns and Big E and between their two respective factions of New Day and Bloodline has left interesting aspects in view of their possible challenge to the Survivor Series, obviously if both will keep the title for that occasion.

Now on Sunday, 26th September, at Extreme Rules, Roman will face Finn ‘Demon’ Balor at Extreme Rules and a match has already been announced later against Brock Lesnar. Meanwhile, here is the social message posted after Roman Reigns’ Raw.

The creative team can pull off another jaw-dropping surprise if they get Seth Rollins involved in Roman Reigns’ segment. It would be ideal to have Reigns come face to face with Balor, possibly for another contract signing. It would officially confirm that the “Extreme Rules” stipulation would govern their upcoming title match.

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