Marvel’s Shang-Chi Wins At The Box Office Again As It Becomes 2021’s Biggest Domestic Blockbuster

Getting back to that bit about competition… now arrives the time to talk about the performance of Stephen Chbosky’s Dear Evan Hansen, which biffed it hard during its opening weekend. Despite the fact that the movie is based on a popular, Tony Award-winning musical, the release has proven to have very limited box office draw, and it’s hard to imagine there are many smiles abound at Universal Pictures after it only managed to make $7.5 million in its first three days. According to Variety, the adaptation was made with a $28 million budget (before publicity and marketing), and while that cost pales in comparison to, say, the $150 million-plus that was spent to make Shang-Chi, that’s still an amount of money that the feature will have a hard time making back.

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