Chris Jericho takes a shot at Vince McMahon

One of the historical faces of the WWE who then also made the history of AEW from its foundations responds to the name of Chris Jericho, multiple-time world champion of the WWE, who had already worked in WCW, just like Sting and then after years of career at the Vince McMahon’s court, he saw fit to marry the All Elite Wrestling project, along with a few other great athletes such as Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks.

From a simple side company in the world of pro-wrestling, AEW has instead become a world power, with its weekly shows and its PPVs giving a real hard time to Monday Night Raw and WWE PPVs, with the new grafts on the AEW roster that have truly made pro-wrestling fans around the world stand on end.

We obviously speak of the newcomers: Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, who after leaving the WWE TV screens, preferred to continue their future in the rings of the Khan family company.

Chris Jericho slams Vince McMahon

In the last episode of his very personal podcast, the well-known Talk Is Jericho, the first world champion in the history of AEW, wanted to tell the reason that would have pushed Vince McMahon to hate NXT, with the flagship product of the Tuesday evening of TV screens of USA Network, which in fact received several changes in the last period, because it no longer worked.

Regarding this topic, Chris Jericho has indeed stated: “What I think is that, again, I can tell as an observer, NXT was put on Wednesday night, obviously to fight the AEW and try to piss off the rival company. The problem is that they had no idea what they were dealing with.

It literally backfired on them. NXT was really cool. You guys would have to do your shows on the weekend and get three times the reactions and sold out arenas that you would get with ppv. So when they slammed NXT into AEW, it really hurt the whole brand, causing it to lose that cool factor it had, result: Vince now holds a grudge against NXT.

You had a chance to beat AEW, but you didn’t. Now the ball goes into my hand, so I’ll do it my way.” During an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes, Drew McIntyre revealed that he has learned a lot from Vince McMahon and has built trust with The Chairman over time.

“The opportunity to have more one-on-one time with the boss, if you’re involved in more significant segments, and obviously opening RAW most weeks, having long matches, I would get the chance to be in his office a lot more so it was awesome in the sense of building a relationship which is important in any job, to have a relationship with your boss, especially WWE. And also learn,” said McIntyre.

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