An interactive film about The Undertaker is coming

After spending 30 years in the rings of the most famous pro-wrestling company in the world, The Undertaker has decided to give up wrestling, to devote himself to his family and his hobbies. After a stellar career, which very few other athletes can boast of having had, in last year’s edition of Survivor Series, exactly 30 years after his debut, the Deadman has decided to hang up his boots, after a lifetime of sacrifices, sufferings and travels around the world, only for the enthusiasm of generations and generations of WWE Universe fans, who for years have cheered him and shouted his name in all the arenas of the world.

Apparently, however, now that Mark Calaway has so much free time compared to the past, his commitments and his projects would still be the most disparate, with a new project signed by Netflix, which is about to see the light in early October.

The Undertaker decided to hang up his wrestling boots last year

After three decades in WWE, The Undertaker decided to hang up his wrestling boots last year. The Deadman has since been working on various other projects outside of the company and even joined Cameo.

WWE has been struggling to get their ratings up over the past few weeks, but it’s unlikely that the company has pushed the panic button and is looking for The Undertaker to make his return to wrestle once again. As we can see in the first trailer made available for WWE fans and fans in general of the company’s Deadman, by Netflix, the interactive film in which The Undertaker will star, will also have the collaboration of the complete New Day, with Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and WWE champion Big E, who will enter a haunted house, where McMahon’s historic Deadman will be the master.

But let’s see what the synopsis of the film reports: “The Undertaker has set a trap for the multi-decorated New Day tag team in this house. What they don’t know: The Undertaker’s house is a haunted house, full of traps and supernatural challenges.

It will be the public to choose the fate of these three poor souls who will try to survive the wrath of The Undertaker.” And now let’s see the first trailer made available by Netflix for the interactive film, entitled “Escape The Undertaker”, which will air for the first time on Netflix (on demand) from October 5th.

WWE has recently announced their return to Saudi Arabia which is set to happen in October, Undertaker could be set to have “one more match” in the Middle East since it’s become common knowledge that there is a lot of money in the trip.

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