Amazon’s Cinderella Review: This New-Fashioned Jukebox Fairytale Fits Like A Comfortably Worn Sneaker

This generation has many Cinderella stories. If you can believe it, in the past 25 years she’s been portrayed by Drew Barrymore, Brandy, Hilary Duff and Lily James – each their own distinct version of the rags to riches young girl saved by a magical night and a misplaced glass slipper. That said, it has been awhile since Cinderelly belted out a tune, and this new iteration starring Camila Cabello is very much a pop star’s Cinderella. Against an nondescript old timey setting, get ready for lively covers of songs from Madonna, Queen and Jennifer Lopez and her Fairy Godmother exclaiming “Yas future queen, yaas!” as she dressed up for the ball.

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