Jim Ross impressed with the quality of AEW’s roster

All Elite Wrestling has now established itself as a reference company in the sports entertainment sector. Tony Khan’s federation has already surpassed WWE in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic, as well as having hired the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole in the past few months.

The addition of these three free agents has further increased the value of the brand and the ‘ratings’, while the WWE struggles tremendously to rejuvenate a product increasingly screwed on itself. The latest shows organized by AEW, with particular reference to ‘All Out’ and ‘Grand Slam’, have struck the right chords electrifying fans all over the world.

As part of his ‘Grilling JR’ podcast, Jim Ross discussed the quality of AEW’s roster at length. In JR’s opinion, Tony Khan’s array of talent has what it takes to rival any other roster in pro-wrestling history.

Jim Ross talks about AEW

“When I look through the list of wrestlers who play in All Elite Wrestling, I get goosebumps. This roster is no less than that of the WWE during the famous ‘Attitude Era’ That concept holds true for any other roster in pro wrestling history as well.

It is reasonable to expect great things from AEW in the coming years” – analyzed Jim Ross. ‘AEW All Out’ has been recognized as one of the most spectacular pay-per-views of the modern era. “I’ve heard a lot of people claim that All Out has been the best PPV in many years now.

This is their opinion and they have the full right to express it. It was a fun, hilarious event, full of emotions and twists. I have been involved in many great shows over the course of my career and I think All Out is only comparable to WrestleMania X-Seven,” Jim Ross commented.

The effects of the global pandemic have not hampered the rise of AEW that much, unlike what happened in WWE. The Stamford-based company has had to release over 50 superstars in the past year and a half. Since Adam Cole, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson’s arrival in AEW, the company has gathered a lot of buzz.

Having another former WWE Champion join their ranks will be yet another boost for the young promotion. Wyatt was one of the leading merchandise sellers in WWE and his release came as a big surprise to many. He’s believed to be a very creative person and will be a big asset to AEW.

Wyatt can not only lead The Dark Order, which was formerly led by Brodie Lee but could also have storylines with his former tag team partner Matt Hardy. It will also be interesting to see which of the personas Wyatt brings to AEW.

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Filming X-Men: Apocalypse Sounds Like It Was Horrible For Oscar Isaac

Before he begins his next foray into a Disney franchise, though, Oscar Isaac is keeping busy on multiple fronts. He’s doing promotional duties for two high-profile projects: Dune, which he personally believes is a “masterpiece,” and HBO’s Scenes From a Marriage, which resulted in a viral red carpet moment between himself and longtime friend and co-star Jessica Chastain. The man certainly knows how to keep our attention, regardless of how many pounds of blue latex he’s wearing.

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Clint Eastwood Talks The Best Day Filming Cry Macho And How Covid Was Involved

The famed actor and director has been making movies for decades, so he is surely no stranger to facing unique challenges on a film set. Still, it’s safe to say this was probably the first time that a pandemic posed a threat to one of his projects being completed the way it was originally envisioned. That’s especially true since the film was first brought to Eastwood as a potential directorial project in the late 1980s. He told the Los Angeles Times that back then, he thought he was too young to play the role of a retired rodeo star who takes on the task of reuniting a father with his son. He also mentioned that at the time, other actors’ participation fell through as well.

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Kenny Omega makes an interesting revelation

On September 8 this year, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Al Castle announced to all wrestling fans in the world that All Elite Wrestling athlete Kenny Omega is number one on the annual PWI 500 list. Kenny is the second time, in fact, the first was in 2018, while last year it was at number 13.

In second place after him, we find Roman Reigns, who, according to many fans, deserved the first place for the extraordinary year he had in WWE for part of the pandemic and which he is still having now with the live audience.

And there is actually a bond between the two because apparently, Roman is just the ideal opponent for the current All Elite Wrestling champion, who has great respect for the Tribal Chief.

Kenny Omega on the WWE superstars

Interviewed by Tokyo Sports, with the kind English translation by Hige Channel, Kenny Omega talked about the fact that probably many more WWE superstars will want to go to AEW in the future: “There will certainly be many more of them coming in the future.

I feel that around 90% of WWE wrestlers would like to jump into AEW. ” When asked who he would like to make this leap in his company, he replied: “There have already been quite a few, so I don’t lack opponents.

There isn’t exactly anyone I have in mind, but… if I have to mention one I’d like to go up against (current WWE Universal Champion) Roman Reigns. It would be a great opportunity to show who the real world champion is.”

We remind you that Kenny Omega is currently in a feud with a former WWE, Bryan Danielson and the two will compete on Wednesday in the episode of AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, while Britt Baker will challenge another former WWE, Ruby Soho.

Who knows if there will really be a chance to see Omega versus Reigns sooner or later. Kenny Omega and Roman Reigns are two of the top-tier stars in the wrestling industry today. Both men have been top champions of their respective promotions since last year.

However, The Cleaner claimed the no.1 spot in the PWI 500 rankings this year, surpassing The Tribal Chief and many more. It is still unlikely that a match between Omega and Reigns will transpire anytime soon. Meanwhile, AEW has opened the forbidden door, thus allowing talent exchange from IMPACT Wrestling, AAA, and NJPW back and forth. With that in mind, never say never.

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Jamie Foxx Wants To Remake A Stephen King Movie With A Black Lead

The star didn’t elaborate much more on just how that experience would inform his retelling of Stephen King’s Misery— but it’s definitely intriguing to imagine how a story like that might unfold. Misery was published in 1987 and tells the story of romance novelist Paul Sheldon, who is seemingly saved from the wreckage of a car accident by Annie Wilkes, a nurse who just happens to be his “biggest fan.” But when he realizes he’s being held captive by her, he must act quickly to stay alive.

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What’s behind Raw’s main event?

In the main event of Monday Night Raw last Monday, we witnessed the umpteenth important victory of Roman Reigns, world champion of the blue roster on Friday night, who had already achieved success on the same evening in a Six Men Tag Team match with his cousins Usos, against the complete New Day.

Initially, the Raw card only saw that six-man match, with the continuation of the post-match, which saw Bobby Lashley attack all the components of the dispute, which led to the main event with the triple threat between the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, the new WWE Champion, Big E and Raw’s All Mighty, Bobby Lashley.

Also, in this case, the carelessness of the former WWE Champion led to the Tribal Chief’s victory, who remained higher and higher in the rankings of the company, after months and months without a clean pin against him.

But who is behind the decision to hold another match with Roman Reigns in the Monday Night Raw main event?

WWE Raw was led by a new champion this week

WWE Raw was led by a new champion this week. Big E shocked the world with his WWE Championship victory over Bobby Lashley on last week’s episode.

He looked to team up with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston to take on Roman Reigns and The Usos from SmackDown. Meanwhile, RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair appeared on Alexa’s Playground on Monday night. The two continued to build towards their title match at Extreme Rules.

Eva Marie competed in another match against Duodrop. Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler also went head-to-head. Apparently, according to what Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer said, it seems that the idea of ​​putting up another match with the Universal champion of Smackdown on Raw was precisely an idea of ​​the Chairman himself, Vince McMahon, the which would have been so happy and happy with the triple threat proposed in the live events held the week before by Reigns, Lashley and Big E, that he would have decided to propose it again on Monday Night Raw.

In his latest update, Meltzer said: “So what happened over the weekend at the North Charleston and Augusta, Georgia shows and what those three, Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley and Big E created, for Vince was really great, the whole match, so much.

to take it on Monday afternoon to change the Monday Night Raw show, moving the match to six in the opening and putting in a main event where there was not, thus trying to raise the ratings in the best possible way. This is why this match was not even advertised, because it was a last minute thing.”

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The Book Of Mormon And 6 Other Modern Musicals That Should Become Movies After Dear Evan Hansen

The Band’s Visit

More and more nowadays, we’re seeing musicals being adapted from favorite movies like Beetlejuice, Pretty Woman and Matilda. The 2016 modern musical The Band’s Visit is an interesting one because it’s based on an Israeli film of the same name, sans the musical aspect. The production swept the Tony Awards, taking home the “big six,” including Best Musical. Yet, it has not become a well-known or widespread musical yet.

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Daughters' Day 2021: Amitabh Bachchan's Adorable Post For Shweta Wins The Internet
Bollywood Movie

Amitabh Bachchan’s Adorable Post For Shweta Wins The Internet

Daughters' Day 2021: Amitabh Bachchan's Adorable Post For Shweta Wins The Internet

Amitabh Bachchan shared this photo (courtesy amitabhbachchan)


  • Amitabh Bachchan shared an adorable post for Shweta
  • “Daughters are the best,” he wrote
  • “Love you papa,” she replied

New Delhi:

Just like in films, Amitabh Bachchan is a superstar on social media as well. No matter what the occasion is, the Bollywood legend knows just what to say to his fans and followers. Now, on the occasion of Daughter’s Day, the actor has shared a lovely note as an ode to all the daughters out there. He attached the note with a picture of himself with his daughter, entrepreneur and author Shweta Bachchan Nanda. The picture has a caption that reads, “Happy Daughter’s Day. Daughters are the best – Amitabh Bachchan.” Sharing the candid photo of the two sharing a laugh, the actor wrote, “Happy Daughter’s Day. SEPT 26.”  

Amitabh Bachchan continued in Hindi, “Betiyaan na hoti toh sansaar, samaj, sanskriti, sab ke sab nadaarat (If there were no daughters, there would be no world, no society, and no culture.”

Replying to the post, Shweta Bachchan said, “Love you, papa.” Fans and followers celebrated the bond between the father and daughter in the comment section.

This is not the only post he shared on the special day. Amitabh Bachchan shared another picture with Shweta with the caption, “Har din samarpit apne beti ko (Every day is dedicated to my daughter).” He further wrote in the caption, “Happy Daughters day .. paranthu har din beti ke naam (All days are for daughters.)”

Shweta Bachchan replied to the post with heart emojis.

Amitabh Bachchan’s love for his family is evident in this video that he dedicated to his granddaughter, Navya Naveli Nanda. Sharing a clip of Navya playing the piano, the actor said, “Navya on the piano. The admiration and pride of a grandfather towards his granddaughter, Navya Naveli. Self-taught, playing through memory. Digitally graduated, started her own business, works and constructs platforms for deprived women, apprentices on management for father’s family business and sorts out all my mobile computer glitches. Love you my dearest. Who says daughters are not an asset to the family.” Adorable, isn’t it?

Last year, too, Amitabh Bachchan shared a lovely collage with his daughter Shweta on Daughter’s Day.

Amitabh Bachchan was last seen in Chehre, alongside Emraan Hashmi. He is known for her work in films such as Anand, Sholay, Zanjeer, Deewaar, Don and Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, among others.  He is married to actress Jaya Bachchan. Actor Abhishek Bachchan is his son.

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Adam Cole Talks About His Relationship with Triple H

Adam Cole is one of AEW’s latest signings, and he spoke about his relationship with Triple H. Adam Cole was a very popular NXT wrestler. He recently left WWE and joined AEW alongside Bryan Danielson. Adam Cole is a former NXT Champion.

On the Oral Sessions, Adam Cole praised Triple H, even though he could not negotiate a new deal with WWE.

Adam Cole Praises Triple H On Oral Sessions

“The nice thing about my relationship with him and my relationship with Shawn Michaels is they are so positive.

To this day, positive,” Cole said. “I formed a bond with Hunter, with Shawn, that I would like to think, and they’ve made very apparent to me as well, that it’s a relationship we’re always going to keep.

I loved working with those guys. He knew what my goals were, what I wanted to accomplish. I think a big reason I loved NXT so much was we had that freedom and that ability to wrestle super cool, longer matches and get to show ourselves off artistically in that sense.

NXT was built on that mentality. I got in at the perfect time, at least for what I loved about pro wrestling.” Adam Cole also said, “He (Hunter) understood that I wanted to continue doing stuff like that, he knew my Twitch was super important to me.

And I know that’s a big no-no in WWE, which is unfortunate. So I was very open and very honest with him, to the point where I was still thinking about what I was going to do when my contract was up. He knew that. And then when the decision was made, he knew that and Shawn knew that.

So I’ve always been open and honest with them right out of the gate because they’ve always been open and honest with me. I love Hunter, I love Shawn. They have been nothing but incredible to me, they’ve made me better as a performer.

I don’t think I’d be where I’m at in AEW right now without those two and I really do mean that. When I think about the performer I was in Ring of Honor, as much as I learned and as many great people as I got to work with, getting that four years with them is priceless. It’s absolutely priceless”.

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