WWE Hall of Famer speaks about Bianca Belair

During the last edition of Summerslam, WWE has seen fit to shoot some of its best cartridges, for the fans attending the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, thus also contrasting with the debut in AEW of CM Punk who, a few days earlier had brought down the arena on his Rampage debut, after years of absence from the pro-wrestling ring.

To CM Punk, WWE responded with Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch, two of the most beloved characters in the recent history of the federation, who had also been missing for at least a year from the federation’s rings, some for a lack of contract renewal, some for her first pregnancy faced alongside her husband Seth Rollins.

What, however, many insiders and fans of the WWE Universe did not go down in all this was the treatment reserved for the now former champion of Friday Night Smackdown, who was the victim of a sensational squash match in Summerslam, arrived precisely at the hands of The Man.

Carmella challenged Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the July 23 episode of WWE SmackDown in Cleveland, Ohio. Belair retained her title against Carmella on this week’s SmackDown in a match that was announced six days before the show.

Following the episode, Carmella complained on Twitter that she needed more time to prepare for a match that had so much riding on it.

Sean Waltman on Bianca Belair

In his latest speech to the microphones of his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman wanted to pull the ears of WWE as done by several fans this week, for how Bianca Belair was treated in her Summerslam match, with the former DX who in fact stated: “Bianca is on her way to becoming a MEGA star and a lot of people are really invested in her emotionally.

You can’t do this to a person today, even at their age. You have to be able to do it. This is why I speak of the old mentality, but everyone understood what was happening. The fan base is really very polite and WWE, I’ve heard how she compares to Marvel.

Marvel is wonderful when it comes to fan service. WWE no. You can’t fuck a large portion of your fans like that. I’m a huge Becky Lynch fan, really big. I was so happy for her and her run of hers when she broke her nose, did that promo and all that me** there and I’m still a huge fan of it.

However, this does not allow her any favors. It was literally unbelievable. Bianca is a thoroughbred. It was totally unbelievable that they lost her in such a short time, like no one else ever on that… roster. MAYBE from Nia.”

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