*Spoiler* Baron Corbin returned to SmackDown as a rich man

Cesaro vs Chad Gable. In the final, the Swiss is obviously having the upper hand and prepares for the Cesaro Swing, but is attacked from behind by Otis. The two of the Alpha Academy care very little about the disqualification, in fact, they continue in the assault as if nothing had happened and Cesaro ends up the victim…

A car comes into the parking lot and gets out… Baron Corbin (?). Kayla Braxton is amazed and the former King asks her if she follows him on her social media, saying she won at the casino and that from now on she will be called Happy Corbin.

– Happy Corbin reaches the square! Baron Corbin returned to SmackDown as a rich man, but more importantly, a happy man.

Baron Corbin returned to SmackDown

Kayla Braxton was trying to catch Roman Reigns as he entered the arena but was surprised like all of us when she saw Baron Corbin pull up in a Bentley.

On WWE SmackDown this week, Cesaro faced one half of The Alpha Academy, Chad Gable. The Swiss Cyborg looked great inside the ring and delivered a solid match against Gable. Both superstars were booked strongly throughout the match as they took turns to assert their dominance during their in-ring bout.

The depressed ex arrives with a new Las Vegas-themed techno dance theme that makes you want to gamble the house, so he proclaims himself mayor of Jackpot City, lists everything he can afford and invites Big E to join him.

The New Day boy gets on the square and Baron Corbin apologizes for the problems he has caused in recent weeks, then goes as far as offering up to $ 100,000 for the briefcase, but the Great Hector refuses. Big E is willing to sell half a sandwich, a pencil or a soft toy (which he throws to the public), but definitely not MITB.

Happy is convinced that the former Langston made a mistake in refusing the offer but, under threat, he thinks it is good to go backstage. Happy as ever. Revenge for the Messiah? -A promo is aired in which Edge says he didn’t feel very comfortable bringing back his version of The Brood, but it was worth it to defeat an opponent like Seth Rollins.

The Messiah responds with another video, congratulating the Rated-R Superstar for the great victory of SummerSlam, but letting his desire for revenge shine through. – Backstage Paul Heyman is still in front of Roman Reigns’ dressing room and meets the Tribal Chief, who invites him to enter without any problem.

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