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Heels Trailer Puts Stephen Amell in the Ring as a Pro Wrestler

Stephen Amell is no stranger to the ring. He’s also no stranger to playing engaging characters as seen in Arrow. When you put the two together, well, we hope we have a hit. The new Starz drama Heels hopes to find out as it has Amell along with fellow Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig gearing up for a stint as wrestlers for an up and coming promotion as Jack and Ace Spade respectively.

When it comes to wrestling, Amell certainly has the experience at the biggest level of them all to back it up: The WWE. In 2015 Amell teamed up with Neville against King Barrett and Cody Rhodes, now of AEW, alter ego Stardust. The intense rivalry which featured mind games, attacks, and ambushes, the typical wrestling hat trick culminated in a match at Summerslam on August 23,2015. Obviously Amell, a special guest of WWE at the time, went on to have his hand raised in victory alongside his partner Neville. Amell has also gone on to be in Ring of Honor , All In, and most recently he joined Cody Rhodes as a team mate of the Nightmare Family in 2020 with All Elite Wrestling. You can see Amell in WWE in the link below:

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Ludwig, however doesn’t have the experience in the ring to back it up, but no one can doubt his talents in the arena of being a performer. Billed as actor and singer, he is no stranger to action from films such as The Hunger Games, and Bad Boys for Life, his appearance in Heels  will fit naturally with his accrued talent.The Canadian duo won’t be alone in the upcoming drama, premiering on August 15th however.  James Harrison of NFL fame will be thrown into the mix playing what will likely be an Undertaker type character in Apocalypse. No, we aren’t talking the size changing blue villain from X-Men, but we are talking a massive size of a man portraying what looks in the trailer to be a massive threat. Also joining the fray will be Kelli Bergland billed as Crystal who is seen in the background of the trailer with Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) as his manager and possible love interest. The wife of Jack Spade (Amell) is played by Alison Luff. Most wrestling fans however may notice one big name jump out at them: CM Punk. Punk whose real name is Philip Brooks, had a bad break up with WWE but is perhaps most famous for his famous “pipe bomb” speech which seemed like it was happening in real time but was later revealed to be a shoot, or a work. View it here and see how convincing it was at the time:

Heels also stars Chris Bauer, Allen Maldonado, Mary McCormack, David James Elliott, Bonnie Somerville and more as they play out the script put out for them in small town Georgia to bring their characters to life on Saturday nights to the chants and boos of the audience.  Heelsis sure to deliver an action packed vibe for fans of Amell, Ludwing, Harrison, and Punk and the fun starts August 15th.

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