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Dark Sky Films Brings NIGHT DRIVE & BLOOD CONSCIOUS to DVD this September

Dark Sky Films proudly announces the September DVDreleases of NIGHT DRIVE and BLOOD CONSCIOUS.



Comes to DVD on September 21st

Russell (AJ Bowen) is a driver in Los Angeles who’s reeling from a series of bad decisions. While his life seems to be caught in a downward spiral, a business proposition from an alluring butenigmatic passenger named Charlotte (Sophie Dalah) proves too good to turn down. A simple ride turns deadly, catapulting Russell into an even darker place, but Charlotte may be the key to asecond chance he thought he’d never have…if he can make it through the night.


Directed by: Bradford Baruh (John Dies at the End, Dead Night) & Meghan Leon (Dead Night)

Written by: Meghan Leon

Cast: AJ Bowen (You’re Next, The Signal), Sophie Dalah (Unbroken, Dead Night)

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction, Independent

Distributor: Dark Sky Films


by: Bradford Baruh & Megan Leon

Run Time: 80 minutes


Comes to DVD on September 28th

Kevin, his older sister, Brittney, and her fiancé, Tony, set off to their parents’ lakeside cottage expecting a leisurely weekend getaway, but little did they expect the horror that awaits them.

Their holiday turns into a trip from hell as they enter a scene of mass murder, where their parents and neighbors this side of the lake all lie dead.

Terror strikes when the armed murderer confronts them, alleging to be fighting demonic forces that had possessed them all. They pin him down and lock him up in the cellar, but soon he claims to not to be alone down there.

As unexpected and traumatic events keep unfolding, they will have to find a way to survive the night without turning on each other, or becoming possessed.


Written and Directed by: Timothy Covell

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Genre: Horror

Distributor: Dark Sky Films

Cast: Nick Damici, DeShawn White, Lenny Thomas, Oghenero Gbaje

Produced by: Christina Behnke

Run Time: 81 minutes

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