Big E responds to Roman Reigns’ recent verbal attack

At Money in the Bank, Big E surprised everyone and secured the briefcase. The wrestler, now a former member of the New Day, still has to collect it to try to win the title and in recent weeks he has been involved in a particular segment with Baron Corbin with the latter that in a somewhat ridiculous way and we will see where this situation leads.

At the same time, Big E had a little verbal confrontation with Tribal Chief and current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. It all started when the champion and main wrestler of Vince McMahon’s company gave a tip to The Unicorn, a piece of advice that is certainly not appreciated.

Reigns in fact said: “Big E is a ‘guy’, let’s say a talented and an extraordinary athlete. But I think that in our sector more than others you have to focus only on yourself if you want to help others and you have to do it.”

Big E sends a message to Roman Reigns

Big E has long been indicated as the one who could succeed Roman Reigns, perhaps by intervening by surprise in one of his matches. Meanwhile, the wrestler wanted to respond in his own way to the words of the Tribal Chief: “The old mantra of professional wrestling is that you are part of a certain faction, everyone is elevated together and then there is one who surpasses the others (now used as a springboard and reaches the top.

This is almost always the case. We don’t want to do that, what we want is to do something different, I really believe in the bond with Xavier and Kofi Kingston. We have a bond, a kind of brotherhood. Kofi has managed to become WWE World Champion without overshadowing his brothers and I feel like I can do the same thing too.

In the end, I don’t want to change who I am to adapt to others and perhaps to what people want. I have no interest in doing this and I have respect for what Roman is doing, but I absolutely can’t forget Kofi Kingston or Xavier Woods just to get high, it’s nothing that can remotely interest me.”

The WWE Universe has been speculating when, and more importantly, on whom, will Big E cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Speaking with DAZN, he teased going after Universal Champion Roman Reigns. “Those are all great options,” said Big E.

“I feel Roman’s the guy though. Roman’s the guy in the industry, and if you want to be remembered, if you want to do something cool, something special, that’s a great way to do it. Roman’s on a tear.

This is one of the best runs I can remember. I feel like he’s definitely hitting his stride in a way that he hasn’t before.”

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