Alberto Del Rio is very grateful to Bret Hart

Alberto Del Rio was one of the most popular heels during his time in WWE, so much so that he garnered prestigious successes before his slow but inexorable decline began. During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, the Mexican superstar revealed how the legendary Bret Hart has repeatedly advised him never to become a ‘babyface’

For those who have forgotten, ‘The Hitman’ teamed up with John Cena against Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez in 2011, in what ended up being the last match of Hart’s extraordinary career. The WWE Hall of Famer was impressed with the work done by Del Rio, going so far as to define him as the best wrestler of the company in that historical phase.

Alberto Del Rio talks about Bret Hart

“I remember Bret Hart coming to me and I felt like the luckiest man in the world in that instant. His words were: ‘You are a really nice guy, but when I watch you on television and you smile, my only desire is to punch the TV.

You’re so good as a heel, don’t turn yourself into a face for any reason in the world. You are the absolute best in this phase ‘ It was a fantastic compliment, especially because it was an absolute legend of wrestling and one of my idols to give it to me” – said Alberto Del Rio.

In the opinion of former WWE superstar Tucker, Daniel Bryan is modern-day Bret Hart. “Daniel is the best wrestler of this generation, there is no one more skilled than him. Both in the ring and on the microphone he has no weaknesses, I challenge anyone to support the opposite thesis” – he explained.

Over the past few weeks, rumors of Bryan’s possible arrival in All Elite Wrestling have intensified. According to the most recent rumors, the former world champion could make his debut in the episode of ‘AEW Dynamite’ on September 22, which will take place at the monumental Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York (traditional home of the US Open tennis).

Speaking in a recent interview with Honduran publication Wrestling Sport, Del Rio revealed it is his dream to become a WWE Hall of Famer. “My dream is to be in the WWE Hall of Fame,” Alberto Del Rio said. “Because I have done more than enough to belong to that place and hopefully one day they [WWE] understand that it was mistakes and difficult moments that I was living, and hopefully one day I will have that ring in my hand as part of the Hall of Fame”.

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